Fond of VAUDE

Fond of good is Vaude's PR and influence agency in France since 2020.

Our mission: in a market where outdoor activities are growing more and more (need to reconnect with nature, new means of urban travel) how to make the German outdoor brand Vaude known and successful in France? A pioneering brand, which places eco-responsibility at the heart of its approach, under the impetus of its charismatic director Antje von Dewitz - but lacks notoriety in France?

  • To express the vision of the Vaude brand through each of its actions: to enable everyone to live out their love of nature, the great outdoors and outdoor activities while respecting people and the planet.
  • To make known the radical and holistic commitment of Vaude.
  • To connect Vaude in a fair and authentic way to new generation audiences who are becoming aware of the societal and environmental stakes in the outdoors.

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