Let’s make good brands grow.

We are fond of brands that allow us to consume in a smarter, more responsible, more sustainable way.

Those that are long-term. Those that are conscious of their contribution to society, and also of their good impact.

We want them to succeed, to develop, to impose themselves.

We are fond of creative concepts that make brands grow in a fair and efficient way. Ideas that nourish and sublimate the raison d’être of brands.

By being as close as possible to the evolution of our lifestyles, our sources of inspiration and our way of consuming.

We design them to measure, because each brand is unique.

We are fond of sincerity, authenticity and quality when it comes to activating a brand’s potential. Commitment must be real to sustainably inscribe a brand in the hearts of audiences. And it must be measured.

We develop a network of inspiring partners in tune with the brand universe. By taking them on board with conviction. We are the brand’s first ambassadors.

We believe in projects of influence that make us all grow.


Fond of good is Wildling Shoes’ PR and influence agency in France in 2022.

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Fond of STOKKE

Fond of good is Stokke’s communication strategy, influence, community management and PR agency in France since 2016.

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Fond of good is Riese & Müller’s community building and influence agency in France since 2022.

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Fond of VAUDE

Fond of good is Vaude’s community management, influence and PR agency in France since 2020.

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Our team, based in Paris, is above all experienced and committed. Federated around Monica Griso Schrötter, a communication professional with German-Spanish roots, living in France for more than 30 years, it shares the same values.

We are committed to working hand in hand with the teams of the brands we support. We are your sparring partner in France and elsewhere in Europe.

Fond of Live